Upgraded R4 card-R4i Gold 3DS

Published: 22nd June 2011
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r4i gold3ds is an amazing new device which is created for Nintendo Dsi. This is great to say r4i gold great feature of backwards compatibility. Because of this feature R4i gold 3ds also run on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. With the help of r4i gold we can watch movie, read e-books, play games and take photos in wide space. We can use multiple languages also on this device. They will fit into the 3ds top slot perfectly. However, when the 3DS is switched on, no card is detected! This 3DS R4i Gold slot 1 cartridge can use Wood R4 Kernel (latest version is wood r4 V1.26) and r4i gold kernel (latest version is r4i v1.50). R4i gold 3ds card support games, music, video and other media on 3DS. If you want to choose a 3DS flash card for enjoyment, the R4i gold 3DS card with 4GB kingston bundle is optional. Attention: card is different from the former R4i Gold V1.4.1 card, encryption part has been changed. The r4i gold 3ds card can support Nintendo 3DS console, but R4i Gold V1.4.1 card reports error on 3DS console.
The r4i gold is compatible with all DS editions with the support of different languages. Using r4i gold users have an ability to memorize and restoring earlier data after restart of the machine. R4i gold offered sleep mode function which has a capability of power saved and can be kept on standby mode for long hours. User find it quite good and reliable device with their routine usage. More and more people attract and taking interest to buy this new device which is quite cheap and available with reasonable price.
Using r4igold one can store movie files, music files, image saving, e-book access and lot more. The recent cartridge of r4i gold allows the user to use micro SD and micro SDHC memory card up to 32GB to store and maintain various types of data. Users can use r4i gold for number of purposes like listening music, watching movies, viewing photos and reading e-books. R4i gold is quite known for its unique features and specifications. Some more supports of R4i gold includes, clean ROM and drags and drop facility, Wi-Fi games support and browser expansion.
Many brands are indulged in the production of r4i gold in the market. Most of the buyers keep brands priorities while buying r4i gold. Now websites are indulged in the marketing of r4i gold. Beginners can take help of such websites in order to enhance their knowledge. The packing box of r4i gold contains 1 x R4i Gold Edition DS Card (Slot-1), 1 x USB micro SD memory card reader / writer, and 1 x R4 DS card case. Today R4 i gold gives best functionality in various operating systems in the market. Buyers should know that the r4i gold supports action replay cheat. It is important to know that the r4i gold is 2nd generation storage devices which do not required booting anymore.

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